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4 Types of Sentences with Visualized Structures. Which Ones to Use?

Do you want to know about the 4 types of sentences? First, a sentence is complete because it is formed by a set of words, a subject and a predicate. It conveys a message, a question, a command or exclamation that is made up of an independent clause, dependent clause and sometimes can be started with an introductory clause. But how do you create a sentence? You might want to use a complex sentence generator or make up your own sentences. There are different types of sentences: simple, compound and complex sentences. These let you know how one sentence can be structured in different ways.

4 types of sentences

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Interesting Facts about Grammar and Sentences

  • There is a “pangram sentence” which contains all letters in one sentence

  • In the English language, ‘I am’ is the shortest complete sentence

  • There are nonexistent words in the dictionary that appeared due to printing errors and they are called “Ghost Words”

  • Every two hours, there is a new word that is added to the dictionary

In grammar, a clause structure means the classification of sentences and there are 4 types of sentences everyone should know. Clause structure is based on the number and the kind of clauses is used. Complex and compound sentences have two or more clauses, which may be separated by the semicolon/comma. In the vast majority of cases introductory clauses are subordinate ones, followed by main independent clauses.

The 4 Types of Sentences and How to Use Them

  1. Simple sentence: This type basically contains only one independent clause and has no dependent clause. It is a sentence with complete thoughts and a subject, verb and sometimes an object.

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Tips on how to write a simple sentence: A simple sentence is the most basic one. Simple sentences are good for rhetorical effect, just don’t use many simple sentences in one paragraph because it may sound disconnected.

  1. Compound Sentence: This type does not require a dependent clause but it consists of at least two independent clauses. Both independent clauses are connected by using a coordinating conjunction that has or no comma.

Tips on how to write it: You can complete thoughts by combining the two independent clauses using “but,” for”, “nor”, “yet” and “so”. Sentences can sound more related to each other.

  1. Complex Sentence: This type has one independent clause and one dependent clause that are connected to it.

Tips on how to write a complex sentence: One clause in a complex sentence has an incomplete thought, add both clauses to make it connected and to make the sentence have sense.

  1. Compound-Complex Sentence: It is basically the combination of a compound and complex sentence. It consists of two or more independent clauses and a dependent clause together.

Tips on how to write a compound-complex sentence: These types of sentences can make longer ones, and they show sophistication in writing but don’t overuse them.

How to Check If Sentences Are Correct

  • A sentence should have a complete thought. It should contain at least a subject, a predicate, an object, an indirect object and a complement.

  • To be grammatically correct, there should always be a subject and a verb.

The simple, complex and compound sentences are the basic types of a sentence structure. It is important to know these ones because writing is a form of communication. Learn these types of sentences and be a good communicator.

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