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Compare Our Services: Paraphrase VS Summary

If you have an assignment to complete and a professor has asked you to paraphrase material that is different from summarizing material. Sometimes though you may need to use both tactics to get the result you need. It can be hard to start if you don’t know the difference between the two. Sure , you can look up a definition in the dictionary but that won’t help you through the actual process. Our professionals can!

Paraphrase vs Summary

When you paraphrase something, you are taking someone else’s ideas and putting it into your own words. You want to make sure that your paraphrase is original and whenever you pull a direct or indirect quote from the original source, it will need to be cited in the appropriate format. More often than not though, a paraphrase won’t have many citations and it is more about what you understand of the text. Paraphrasing is important because it lets you think about a material in a critical way and examine it carefully. You then have to form a bond between your understanding and the original text.

Summary vs Paragraph

A summary is not the same thing as a paraphrase. In fact, summary and paraphrase are completely different. A summary takes the main points of an article and presents them in a very short form. It can be useful to summarize and paraphrase at the same time because if you can summarize as you go, it may make the process easier later.

Paraphrase and Summary Services

If you need help completing either of these assignments, we are here. Our professional team can work with you on an individual basis and will adhere to the rules and guidelines of your specific assignment. If you need summary paraphrase services, we have excellent summarizing skills. On the other hand, if you need to paraphrase a summary, we can help you with that as well. We are a versatile who can handle almost any assignment.

Paraphrase vs summary? Both are great if you make them with us!