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ESL Rephrasing for Students

ESL Rephrasing for Native and Non-Native English Speakers

ESL rephrasing style may be a mainstay and is a common rephrasing style used by international students who are still developing their English skills. However, this is not always the case. Aside from being simple, ESL rephrasing style is one of the most effective styles used in restructuring a complex sentence for most successful paper works. There is no doubt, ESL students constitute a large percentage of students using ESL rephrasing style, especially when applying for College admission and fulfilling their college paper requirement. But even the native English speakers express relief with the fact that ESL rephrasing style is often accepted in the academic world.

Common Misconceptions about ESL Rephrasing

Sometimes, a mere mention of the word ESL makes students think that this style is about literal and parallel rewording; that it is enough to replace the words in a sentence with its synonyms, and everyone can go with it, with no risk for plagiarism. While it is true, that the words were replaced, and the same thought is presented well, copying the same structure does not vary the form. Therefore, it is plagiaristic in every way. To create an original form, the structure has to change.

Second, ESL may have indicated an easy use of synonyms, but it should not be a mere shuffling of words putting together the replaced words piece by piece. ESL rephrasing requires coherence with the other sentences in a paragraph. Therefore, for a sentence to be properly rephrased, students need to read and understand the entire paragraph and start rephrasing sentence by sentence considering the whole message that the cited author intends to express.

Asking for Help in ESL Rephrasing

Usually in their first attempt, ESL students tend to create dull rephrased texts derived from using rephrased generators online. Relying completely in these rephrase generators leads to severe plagiarism penalty. This is because the texts were never reviewed against the original. Trusting so much in these rephrase generators is not effective when there is no guidance from an ESL expert who can assess every rephrased version. Asking help from an ESL coach or a paraphrasing expert is necessary especially during the starting point.

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