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How to Paraphrase My Essay

Do I Need Someone to Paraphrase This for Me?

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Being able to paraphrase effectively and quickly is a skill that every writer needs whether they are writing for a site online or as part of their education. Paraphrasing is the art of being able to repeat what someone else has said or written using your own very different words. Unlike summarizing which will reduce the word count of a document significantly and only highlight the main points, paraphrasing seeks to communicate all of the points raised and will often be of similar length to the original. Paraphrasing, however, is very difficult and many writers have problems and thus will need to find help to “paraphrase my essay” or “reword my sentence.”

Why Do I Need to Paraphrase My Essay?

When you are learning to paraphrase an essay the first thing that you need to consider before you even start are your reasons for doing the actual paraphrase. The reasons behind your paraphrasing will dictate how you write your paraphrased content. You can try using an online summary generator or contact a professional, it’s all up to you.

Typically you will be asking us to “paraphrase this for me” for the following reasons:

  • You want to show that you fully understand a piece of work (a typical assignment)
  • You want to rewrite something that is poorly written
  • You want to simplify something and make it easier to understand
  • You want to paraphrase something for a different audience, such as an old story to make it relevant to today
  • You want to avoid issues with plagiarism; the most common reason for writers that work online
  • How will you paraphrase this for me?
paraphrase my essay assistance

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Paraphrasing is not something that a computer can do by just swapping each word in turn for its synonym. A computer program is not going to avoid issues with plagiarism as the word order and structure will be identical; it will also make many mistakes as a computer is incapable of understanding the actual context in which words are being used. Paraphrasing is about understanding the meaning of what has been said and then repeating the meaning not the words.

So to paraphrase you will:

  • Read the original so that you fully understand every point raised and implied
  • Make notes of the points using unique words of your own
  • Rewrite the text using your notes only without referring to the original
  • Compare the two texts to ensure that you have not copied any blocks of text

We Can Paraphrase for You Reliably

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