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Our Paraphrase Service


We understand how important having the right paraphrase is to your work. Not only is it used to get across the main point of another text but you have to present in your own original writing while making sense. If you don’t understand the main idea, it can be hard to even begin to think about trying to put it in your own words. Have a good paraphrasing service is also very important because you want to make sure that it will be free of plagiarism. This is a very serious offense and when you paraphrase, it can be tempting to lift direct quotes from the original text to help explain your point. That is okay as long as you know how to cite properly but if this is also a topic where you struggle, you might want to consider using our paraphrase service.

Paraphrasing Service

Paraphrase Service With our paraphrasing service, you can be certain that you are getting individual attention from an actual human. We don’t use computers for our paraphrasing services because we value you as a customer and don’t to give you an electronic transcript. Humans can read between the lines to understand the main point. We also are skilled in detecting paraphrase plagiarism but use the most recent technology to aid us in this venture.

Our services include and not limited to:

  • Paraphrasing – is a very specialized service, which is both time-consuming and complex, but which ultimately completely transforms a document. Rephrasing is the complete rewriting of a text, with the end result unrecognizable from the original but with the overall meaning maintained.
  • Proofreading – is usually the last step before finally submitting your work. According to universities, effective proofreading can add 10% to your mark. If English is not your first language then professional proofreading by a native speaker is absolutely essential.
  • Editing – Some writing requires more that just proofreading to bring it up to a high standard. Most students choose editing if they are worried about the standard of English they have written or simply to make sure they get the best possible mark.

Paraphrase Translation

If you need to paraphrase a translation, we have multi-lingual professionals who work on our team that can help you. Understanding something in your native language can be hard enough but having to understand a complex article in another language might be too hard. We can help with the translation and paraphrasing as well as provide the paraphrase in both languages so that you truly understand the article.

Paraphrase Papers

Whether you need us to paraphrase text or paraphrase essay excerpts, we are here to help you. We will work with you if you have specific guidelines and our results are guaranteed to please. We will produce a paraphrase that sounds natural so when you go to your meeting or presentation, you will be confident that you have the best paraphrasing service around.

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