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Paraphrase and Summarize Questions and Answers

When you’re looking for someone to paraphrase and summarize your particular article, you may have certain questions that need to be answered first. We understand your need for answers so we have put together an FAQ to help get you started. If these don’t answer your questions, then feel free to contact us. We have multiple people available who are happy to answer any additional questions you might have.

Where do I start if I want you to reword my paper? 
 It’s really easy to work with us. First, you will need to include your personal details of the paper topic. Then, you should choose the type of service you want. We can help you with different types of English paraphrase, editing, etc. Next, you will need to identify the type of document you want us to work with. You can choose an option when scrolling down the “Type” box. Include the terminology you are required to use, the turnaround time, and the number of pages. Finally, all you need to do is upload the document and press the “Send” button! 


What is Turnitin paraphrase?
Turnitin is an online service that detects plagiarism in essays. If you try to paraphrase on your own without understanding the best methods, your essay may be consider plagiarized by Turnitin. We not only understand the basic tenants of paraphrasing but also know how to structure a paraphrase so that plagiarism isn’t an issue. Don’t get accused of something you didn’t do. Contact us for an English paraphrase today.
Can you paraphrase paragraphs?
If you don’t have an entire text that needs to be paraphrased, that’s okay. We can do short article, different segments of a long text and we can even paraphrase paragraphs if that’s what you need. We work with you to produce a paraphrase that is accurate and original, no matter how long or shorts the original text is. If you need help just getting started or your project is due next week, we can help you with all your paraphrasing needs. Just contact us today with your text. We will provide an affordable quote and start paraphrasing
Why I should choose your services instead of text paraphraser? 
We are leaders in the field. When choosing us, you can be sure that your paper will pass the Turnitin paraphrase test. We only work with experienced and professional writers that guarantee you will only get original content free of plagiarism. Unlike an online tool, we can make sure your text is readable and coherent.

An online tool will only be useful if you want to paraphrase a short sentence and you don’t have any intentions of including it into your document. Our skilled editors will fix any language mistake and include the appropriate terminology to your paper. They will make sure it is ready for submission. We also provide unlimited revisions to ensure you’re satisfied with the final document. 

Who are your writers/rewriters?
We hire only specialists with great experience, who are from PhD to Bachelor degree holders, who are in love with their job, and who are focused on making a perfect text.
What if I am not satisfied with what you returned to me? 
We will go the extra mile to ensure you’re satisfied with our work. However, if you’re not happy with how we paraphrase paragraphs, you can contact our support team, and we will refund your money. Our support team is available 24/7 to sort out any query you may have. So you don’t have to wait till the next working day to talk to them. 

 Don`t hesitate to order our paraphrase and summarize service now!