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Paraphrase Citations and Quotes

Just the idea of paraphrasing likely means that you’re going to have to use paraphrase citation. When you take somebody else’s idea and put it into your own words, it will be hard to get the original words out of your head at first. If that doesn’t work, try putting the original content away for a little while and then writing your own paraphrase. Even a paraphrase isn’t going to have many direct quotations though. So what do you need to cite if you aren’t directly quoting someone?

Citing a Paraphrase

You must always cite paraphrase because the entire work, although it’s written in your original words, is someone else’s idea. You cannot provide a paraphrase without citing the original source or that is called plagiarizing. This is when you use someone else’s ideas without giving them the proper credit. Intellectual theft is not taken lightly and for some, there are even legal consequences. Many people don’t intend to plagiarize but it can happen unknowingly. As long as you’re citing paraphrase after paraphrase, you will have nothing to worry about.

The problem occurs when you aren’t sure how to cite something or you just can’t seem to come up with an original way to repeat an idea. If you need to paraphrase a quote, there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes the entire meaning is lost if you try to change the wording of the original idea. All you need to do is include the direct quote in your paraphrase and cite it correctly.

If you don’t know how to cite your paraphrase or even direct quotes, you should contact us today. We have a professional team that is waiting to work with you. We provide affordable services and guarantee that you’ll get work based on your personal guidelines and assignment rules. We listen to what you need and then work with each assignment. We’ll review your original content to make sure that you’re citations are correct or we can just answer any questions that you might have about paraphrase citation.

Contact us today and see how we paraphrase citation for you!