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Paraphrase Sentences and Paragraphs Online

When you’re trying to gain meaning from a complex piece of work, you may need to paraphrase at different points in the text as you go along. Once all of these paraphrases are complete, you can see a pattern of meaning start to emerge. Working sentence by sentence and paragraph by paragraph is sometimes the only way to understand a very complex text because it breaks it down into smaller pieces. If you paraphrase sentence after sentence, you might have a better understanding of what that paragraph says. If you paraphrase a paragraph, you might have a better understanding of that pages says.

Paraphrase a Sentence

paraphrase sentenceTo paraphrase sentences is to reword or rephrase them so that the main idea is still evident but it is expressed in your own words. Doing this can be difficult if you aren’t sure of the main idea or if you aren’t sure how to find the words to express what you already understand. We can help with your sentence paraphrase issues. All you need to do is contact us. You can simply type each sentence for paraphrase into our service tool and we will work to provide a 100% original paraphrase of each sentence.

If you aren’t happy with that paraphrase, just re-type the sentence and we will try to find a better alternative. Through the many different paraphrase sentences online that we provide, we will always maintain the main idea. If you want to learn who to paraphrase sentence like a pro, you have to follow some useful tips. Take a look at our expert writers’ tips to improve your paraphrasing skills:

  • To paraphrase a sentence, you need to know the context in which it was written. Make sure you read the whole paragraph before starting to rephrase it.
  • Once you’re sure you’ve understood the context, read the sentence you want to paraphrase a couple of times.
  • Leave it aside, and write the main point, or points, that describe its essence.
  • Develop those points with a few words.
  • As soon as you’ve explained the key points, try to put them together in a sentence.
  • Bear in mind that if you’ve kept any unique terminology, you have to cite it adequately to avoid plagiarism.
  • Compare your result with the original sentence.
  • If they’re entirely different, you can say you’ve paraphrased a sentence successfully!
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Paraphrase a Paragraph

paraphrase a sentenceIf you need to paraphrase paragraph after paragraph for meaning, it can be very tedious and time-consuming if you’re working with a large text. While it may help you understand the article as a whole, we know that you’re a very busy person. Contact us and we can work with you on an individual basis to ensure that your paragraphs are paraphrased accurately and to your satisfaction. We have professional team members who specialize in many different fields and we will make sure to assign you with someone who is familiar with your subject matter.

Paraphrasing in an art on its own. And mastering the art of paraphrasing can take a while. Especially if you want to paraphrase entire paragraphs, rather than short sentences. Thus, if you are going to learn how to paraphrase a paragraph in the best way, there are some secrets you need to know. For example:

  • Understanding its context and meaning is everything. You need to be able to explain its essence without using the same words.
  • To identify the main points, read the paragraph a couple of times, at least, and highlight them.
  • Changing a few words here and there would not help you to paraphrase a paragraph effectively. For that, you need to describe the key point with a few sentences.
  • Always use your own words to explain what you are writing. In case you need to copy a passage or terminology, make sure you quote the source. There is a fine line between paraphrase and plagiarism. And, trust us, you don’t want to cross it.
  • You need to make sure you are using the appropriate terminology.
  • If you’re struggling with finding synonyms to explain your paragraph, use a thesaurus to help you with that task.

Paraphrase Sentences: Human vs Tool

There are several differences between manual paraphrasing and paraphrasing that has been carried out by an automatic tool. An online tool can paraphrase small pieces of text without plagiarized results. It can be used wherever and whenever you need. Plus, it will deliver results within seconds of you clicking the button. It is an easy and convenient way to paraphrase small pieces of text. However, even though a paraphrasing machine can paraphrase a sentence within seconds, it can not link it coherently to the whole text.

That’s where a professional writer excels. A manual paraphrasing service can guarantee you will only get unique and original results that match your requirements. A manual service is more personalized than an automatic one. We provide direct contact with our writers so you can discuss your text directly with them. Manual paraphrasing can elevate your writing. We offer unlimited revisions to ensure you are satisfied with the final document. Besides, if a professional writer is in charge of paraphrasing your text, they’ll use their rich vocabulary and excellent English writing skills to deliver content free of plagiarism.

Because writing is a creative job, a professional writer can make wonders with your text. When rephrasing manually, our pros will ensure they’ve cited and quoted any unique terminology and passages that have been included in your text. This will avoid you any issues with plagiarised content. In conclusion, manual paraphrasing is the best way to paraphrase larger content as it ensures it will be written coherently and without any clumsy sentences.

Why Choose Our Professional Services

Our wide range of services can help you paraphrase sentences. We count with a professional team with over 20 years of experience that can work with any type of content, as well as ensuring your text is ready for submission once we deliver it to you. One of the services we provide is manual paraphrasing. With this service, our pros will rephrase your document by using their excellent English writing skills and rich vocabulary. Also, we offer a proofreading service.

Our team will revise your text as many times as necessary to guarantee it doesn’t have any mistakes. They will dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s. If you sue our proofreading service, you can be sure you will get a spotless document. In addition to these services, we count with editors that can help you improve your writing. They will not rest until they’re sure your document does not contain any language mistake and that all the sentences have been linked coherently to the paragraph. They will deliver a readable document that can be submitted instantly. As part of our services, we guarantee:

  • You will only get original and unique content free of plagiarism
  • Our writers will use the appropriate jargon to your document
  • We will always deliver your project on time
  • We offer unlimited revisions to guarantee you will be satisfied with the final results
  • If you don’t like the final document, we will transfer your money back

Whether you need sentence paraphrase services or paragraph paraphrase services, we can help. You just need to call us!