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Special Summarizing Activities

Summarizing is about getting the main idea of the story and putting it with your own words. It is necessary that you have an idea on what it is all about to avoid errors. Bear in mind that summary can be two or three sentences long depending on what you are summarizing.

Great Summarizing Activities

There are different variations of summary activities for students and some of it allows them to listen or read when the teacher is reading the story. The professor will ask a student to summarize the story with his or her own words. On the other hand, a fun and quick way in practicing summary activities is using tellbacks that is an oral activity that provides them instant feedback on the comprehension.

Special Summarizing Activity

One of the summarizing activities or even paraphrasing activities you can have for yourself is to check out online activities because different approaches are available. Some of the exercises will ask you to read an essay or a story, and then summarize it using your own words. After that, they will check out if you did great or not. You can also search for activities with answers or do some summarizing exercises to know if you make mistakes or not.

Take note that summaries can be 1 sentence or 1 paragraph long. The most effective you should do is to focus with the main ideas and leave small details. Summarizing what you have read will help you in remembering the essential points.

Best Summarizing Activity

The best and great summarizing activity online is that you are presented with questions as well as choices to choose from. You need to read a story, article or essay; then there are available questions with choices you need to answer. Some of it requires you to share or check the answer you think is right. When you are done with the activity, your answers will be checked so that you know what are your mistakes.

Many things are needed to know about summarizing and when you don’t have any ideas on it, the best place and the best way you need to do is to check out activities on the web.

Don’t waste your time instead start to do some summarizing activities today!