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The Best Summarizing Exercises

There is a difference between quoting paraphrasing and summarizing. Summarizing is a shortened version of a longer original text and the main goal is to present a large amount of details in a concise and short text including only the most relevant and essential ideas from the original source.

Summarizing Exercises to Check out

When it comes to summarizing exercises or paraphrase exercises, lots of it is available online. There are numerous exercises that students can check out so that they would gain ideas on what is the right thing to do and what is the perfect step in having a wonderful summary.

It is better to check out summarizing exercise because it helps you most especially when you do not know what you are doing. The good thing with the exercises is that it is your one stop solution so that you will not much have a hard time. Since there are different exercises to be found on the web, you need to check each of it.

Exercises Differs from One Another

Summarizing exercises differ from each other because some of it asks you to make a short summary of one paragraph but make sure you able to get the main points of it to have an excellent summary. Some of it will provide choices about a summary of a story, and then you need to choose which of it is the best summary or which is the right one. Whatever kind of exercises you wanted to do or you want to answer, it is important that you take it seriously to avoid mistakes when you need to do it again. Here is one of the exercises with appropriate summary that helps you to learn more.

Original sentence: Movement towards education by computer is developing fast wherein massive open online courses or also known as MOOCs are changing how individuals learn in lots of places. People can only able to study papers from universities and can able to take part in online classes but classes are not designed for thousands of people at a time unlike with MOOCs said by Voice of American article.

Appropriate summary: According to the voice of American article, the fast growing MOOC movement is allowing thousands of students to take online classes at one time that changes how they learn.

There you have it, a simple exercise with appropriate summary that is available on the web.

There are still numerous summarizing exercises you can search that is why you need to start now!