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Top 10 Tips on Teaching Paraphrasing

Teaching paraphrasing as well as summarizing activities is not easy and many students are struggling with it. It is essential that the teacher do great in teaching what paraphrasing is all about. Paraphrasing is not a simple task and it needs through practice before having an accessible skill.

How to Teach Paraphrasing

  • Explain about academic integrity: Students will be motivated in learning new concepts when they have clear and new understanding about the purpose as well as the importance of the tasks. It is crucial that you able to explain about the academic integrity of paraphrasing.

  • Comparing summarizing to paraphrasing and quoting: From the start, you need to tell to students that summarizing is different from paraphrasing and quoting. You need to explain that paraphrasing needs to get the main ideas of the article, essay or article then write it with the use of their own words.

  • Speaking: Paraphrasing comes also with speaking. By engaging students to fun and casual telephone game, you can help them to understand paraphrasing better. Ask the students to sit, then forward a message and students will pass it to one another. The time it reaches the last student, the message will be completely change but with the same meaning. This is an easy and fun way to learn paraphrasing.

  • Group paraphrase: One of the best ways in paraphrasing is to ask students to form a group, and then provide them a text that they need to paraphrase, pass it to another group to paraphrase the paraphrase. This activity can become time consuming but students will learn easily from it. Before you give the task, you need to tell that they need to use different words but retain the meaning.

  • Avoid common problems: You need to teach paraphrasing by not only changing the words but also changing the sentence structure.

  • Start by talking: Paraphrasing is about using different words. With it, you can ask students what is education and answer it to three or four sentences, and then another student will paraphrase the answer.

  • Differentiate summarizing from paraphrasing: You need to tell to students the difference between summarizing and paraphrasing to avoid mistakes.

  • Tell about paraphrasing strategies: Make sure you able to elaborate about the paraphrasing strategies that students can use.

  • Give copy: Provides students a copy whether it is an article or essay and allow them to highlight main ideas, then paraphrase it using different words. Ask them to write another version with using vocabulary or synonyms.

  • Makes notes: Tell to students to make notes so that they will not forget about main ideas.

There you go the tips in which you can able to teach paraphrasing to students. Follow these tips and make paraphrasing easier.

Paraphrasing Worksheets for Middle School – Everything you Should be Ready for

Paraphrasing worksheets for middle school as well as paraphrase exercises is helpful for students depending on what you want to study and what information you are seeking for. For instance, if you want to study with architecture, you need a worksheet dealing with relevant fields but it is important that you need to choose what is the best for you.

Paraphrasing Activities for Middle School

Lots of worksheets are available for middle school and students can able to find different printable worksheets for many levels for kids of teenagers. The worksheets have been made the English language professors for students in helping them to learn more. There is a wide array of paraphrasing worksheets activities available both professional and casual. You can check out on it and feel free to browse activities that you want to do or answer.

In addition, there are difficult paraphrasing worksheets that were designed in promoting development and challenge students. You should not worry if it’s hard at first because you can do better as you go on with disciplined and consistent practice.

Paraphrasing Examples for Middle School

Since there are numerous examples on the web you can search, dedicate sufficient time searching so that you will able to meet your needs and get what you want. Paraphrasing is not easy that is why you need examples for you not to have a hard time studying about it. Feel free to review the examples before you begin to paraphrase to have ideas on what you should do. One of the paraphrasing worksheets you can see online is that you are provided with an essay to read and you need to answer some questions such as what is the thesis statement and others.

Additionally, there are examples out there with essay at the same highlighting all the main ideas that needed to paraphrase but you should not worry because the examples are provided with answers so that you will not be disappointed.

If you badly want to learn about paraphrasing, checking out paraphrasing worksheets is what you should do because it was tested to help you with what you want to learn.