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Useful Paraphrasing Exercises With Answers

Paraphrasing exercises with answers will help students and other people out there to know how they can able to apply paraphrasing correctly. Many exercises are available to help students to do better and to learn more. If you want to know more information, there are exercises on the web you can search. What is the meaning of paraphrasing? You can also get our definition and help with it if you need.


Paraphrase Exercises Help

The good thing with paraphrase exercise is that it helps you in knowing how you can able to apply the rules in paraphrasing and helps you to avoid plagiarism. Keep in mind that paraphrases is your own rendition and getting the main ideas of the source. Whenever you don’t know what you need to do, here are some exercises that will help.

Paraphrasing Exercises With Answers Example


Paraphrasing Exercise for Students

Original: Antarctica is the source of cold on planet just as the sun is the main source of heat wherein it exerts great control to climate said by Jacques Cousteau. The cold ocean water in Antarctica is flowing north to mix with warm water from tropics and the upwellings help in cooling surface water and the atmosphere.

Answers: According to Jacques Cousteau, she said that Antarctica is the main source of cold to the planet wherein the sun is also the source of heat. The importance of the Antarctic waters flows north at the same time cool atmosphere and oceans.

Paraphrasing Exercises With Answers Sample


Original: The twenties are the years where drinking is against the law wherein the law is a bad joke since everybody knows that a local bar is a place where liquor be had. It is the years where organized crime ruled cities and police were powerless in doing anything against it.

Answers: During the twenties, social nonconformity and lawlessness prevailed. In cities, most of the organized crimes flourished with any police interference even though there is a nationwide prohibition on selling liquor.

To sum it up, it is important to know some paraphrasing exercises because it helps people to know more and gain more. Whenever you want to learn more about paraphrasing, you can check out questions with answers on the internet because lots of it is available on the web.

Paraphrasing Exercises With Answers Example


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