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Advantageous Paraphrasing Exercises with Answers

Paraphrasing exercises middle school is the process of reordering words and transforming them into their synonyms. There is the software to use that support you with content as well as there are expert services that can flawlessly do it for you.

How To Paraphrase

Six Best Tools

  • Spinbot.com
  • EZ Rewriter
  • Best Free Spinner
  • Spin Rewriter 6
  • Article Rewriter Tool
  • Complex Sentence Generator

Effective Tips for Great Papers

  • Read and understand the text from the original source.
  • Ensure you fully comprehend the main text idea, then in the future, it won’t take lots of time to work with. 
  • Put away the original paper and try to make the first draft alone.
  • Proofread and see, maybe, you have lost some important points and add them.


  • <10% of an academic paper or article can consist of exact wording from a research source
  • <25% of a journalistic article can consist of exact wording from a research source


  • 24% admit to copying a few sentences from internet source without footnoting it
  • 25% admit to copying a few sentences from the written source without footnoting it


  • 36% admit to copying a few sentences from internet source without footnoting it
  • 38% admit to copying a few sentences from the written source without footnoting it

Essay & Research Papers
Theses & Dissertations
Website/Blog Content
Business Documents
Lab Reports
Book/Movie Reports
Poems and Prose
and so Much More!

Why and How


  • To make sure that you fully understand what the text says
  • To discuss someone’s argument or text directly
  • To present an opposing point of view that you wish to refute


  • Digest the author’s intention
  • Use the thesaurus moderately
  • Get to the point
  • Judge for yourself

Paraphrasing exercises with answers usually support different group of people to know they are able to make the new text or not. If you are wonder where to take such information which would help you with your writing skills, we have such practice right here. What is the main idea of citation and paraphrasing exercises? Academic writing paraphrasing exercises are about using own words in expressing others ideas at the same time preserving the meaning of the original passage.

What Is the Meaning of Rehashing Words

Consider the thing it would be always important to keep the original idea while you create the new content. There are also steps you should know to have the best article.

What Are Practice Paraphrasing Exercises

As you may see, it is needed to know what you are doing. It’s significant to know how to write in your style, change words to their synonyms and, of course, know the vocabulary for it. Of course, some summarising and paraphrasing exercises would help you make an excellent paper.

Original: His life-spanned years of superbly change for men

Paraphrased: Albert lived in an era of liberating reform for men

Original: Giraffes like eating Acacia leaves and they can able to consume seventy-five pounds of food every day.

Paraphrased: A giraffe can eat 75 pounds of acacia leaves every day.

Original: A trip to Italy should visit Tuscany in trying their exquisite wines.

Paraphrased: In visiting Italy, make sure to have a Tuscan wine tasting experience.

There are many things that you can do in the text and you can able to make a great one when you know the meaning of it and you can able to apply the right rules.

Activities That Would Improve Your Skills

Good news – with practice paraphrasing exercises you’d be confident on how to apply the rules in text and such practice supports you get rid of plagiarizing. Keep in mind that it is your own rendition and getting the main ideas of the source. Whenever you don’t know what you need to do, here are some exercises paraphrasing sentences that will help.

Some Helpful Practice for the Students

Original: Antarctica is the source of cold on the planet just as the sun is the main source of heat wherein it exerts great control to climate said by Jacques Cousteau. The cold ocean water in Antarctica is flowing north to mix with warm water from tropics and the upwellings help in cooling surface water and the atmosphere.

Answers: According to Jacques Cousteau, she said that Antarctica is the main source of cold to the planet wherein the sun is also the source of heat. The importance of the Antarctic waters flows north at the same time cool atmosphere and oceans.

Original: The twenties are the years where drinking is against the law wherein the law is a bad joke since everybody knows that a local bar is a place where liquor be had. It is the years where organized crime ruled cities and police were powerless in doing anything against it.

Answers: During the twenties, social nonconformity and lawlessness prevailed. In cities, most of the organized crimes flourished with any police interference even though there is a nationwide prohibition on selling liquor.

To sum it up, it is important to know some paraphrasing exercises because it helps people to know more and gain more. You can check out questions with answers on the internet because lots of it is available on the web.

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